#WeAreAllDaughters: Nikki, creator of Willow & Oak Skincare

As featured on Daughters Youtube page:

“Willow & Oak has been such a great teacher in allowing me to be more mindful, and giving myself that space to not be so hard and take that time out for myself.  Because I wasn't doing that before, and that’s obviously how I got into that place in the first place––my body breaking down and not being mindful of anything I was doing. And thankfully, it wasn't anything worse. But still, I think most of us just run around ragged and think that our bodies are just going to sustain themselves with no maintenance. At least, that's the kind of person I was. But I think depression is a hell of an opportunity to step it up. And it was important for me to create a business where I was going to be able to share this story.” - Nikki, creator of Willow & Oak Skincare We had a heart-to-heart with Nikki about how her journey through suffering from uterine fibroids ultimately led her to create her skincare line.