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About the Creator….

I grew up in Southern California kissed by constant sunshine, summer beach trips, body oiled in suntan lotion that smelled of tropical fruit and backyard BBQ's. Attached to this dreamy backdrop was a single mother, a grandmother and a younger brother that had moved around Los Angeles county twelve times with six different schools before I reached the age of 18. The constant moving around and reacclimating into new environments was a blessing and a burden at times. 

A blessing because I was able to meet so many different people from various walks of life. Each neighborhood would be colored with new languages, cultural backgrounds, dialects, religious faiths and dreams. As soon as the romance started there would be an announcement that we were moving. Sometimes we’d just move a few blocks over or a short bus ride away...sometimes. 

These early experiences allowed me to understand later that healthy community activism, family love and consistency enabled a sense of belonging and good self-esteem, this I have desired for most of my life. A sense of worth that I was unable to grasp due to movement and change happening all the time, and I was just too young to understand my mother was doing her best. These experiences in retrospect nurtured empathy and a deep compassion with a sense of adventure to bridge and build a community of family members from all over, no matter the faith, gender or cultural background. I did not know that making plant based healing tonics would be my saving grace and a stepping stone to connect all my desires.

Fast forward to 2014, I was living in New York at the time and a visit to the Dr's I found out I had aggressive fibroid tumors growing all over my lady parts. Mental and physical fatigue, along with depression caused me to slow down. I hit a bottom. I had to body was being attacked...literally and spiritually. 

Intuitively guided I sought a gentle and spiritual approach and dived deep into mother nature's medicine. I found refuge in plants, yoga, reiki and meditation to eating more high vibrational foods and eating less or eliminating foods that did not serve my body or mind. I took courses and read everything I could find on herbs, flowers, oils, to eventually making magical products for myself and now for you. 

All ingredients are responsibly sourced direct from farms and small companies that share my philosophy to better serve our higher purpose. It is extremely important to me that I work with nature. Ingredients may change due to over sourcing or be unavailable until proper growth is available again. This keeps a proper balance and respect to our amazing planet that is so giving and divine. It also holds me accountable to myself and to you. Let's learn together to be more mindful and to take care of ourselves so that our cups are always overflowing for others. These are the teachings of plant medicine. 

psss...I’m still a work in progress too, nobody’s perfect.

Nikki | Founder | Creator